JiPp0 & hippos

Ey bros and sys. I'll follow the example of 75.8645% of the scene and make a clesspost too.

So, im looking for 3on3 and/or 5on5 OCteam.

21 year old fellah from Finland Finland.
3on3 skill is like BIBLPRC-skill which is better than med+ but on 5on5 I'm kinda awful, near med or something

Your skill doesnt matter, your country doesnt matter, I just want to play OC with some cool guys, willing to play any division as long as your awesome dudes!

contact me at #BIBLPRC

Have a good and sunny day and remember to watch Champions league matches today ;)) VIVA BLAUGRANA
nice aerox, gl
actually its 75.8644%
Sain pakit viimeks 8<
we need! #sydamenasialla
Good luck, Jippo o/
gl JiPp0
good luck !: )
high skill
geelii Jipstah<3
Jippooooo <333
gl jippo
gl awesome playah
oot hirvee.
omgomg highskill owner!! GL <3
ey yo biblprcm8 ! gl my darling. really skilled playah
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