Needing a moviemaker :) I need a moviemaker who can make a movie enjoyable not only by his quality.


All kinds of frags against good opponents
Have patient:P
Can't really give you something for it :(
I can cut the demos for you if you want it


"Can make a movie enjoyable:p"
Prefer someone who has made a movie/trailre before
Watchable quality
Have motivation to do it
Good syncing with hitsounds ;)

Here's my trailer from United Kingdom hste and a little hitsounds test avi
try United Kingdomhste
i concur..

ps. lets frag
learn the basics and do it youself
if I can't find someone, i'll give it a try
that trailer by hste was very nice,it was just pure awesomeness i loved it! :D
low- player for low- movie :DD

gl :d

ik kan wel een demomp3 maken

met gewoon scherpe quality enz
gl !nice player
I've heard he's awesome
Gl again mate :)
how many moviemaker was already doing your movie?

because i saw 2/3 trailers with your nick, if i remember right.
I guess you remember right ;)
haste made black and white the trailer with me and movie
and haste made joshua the trailer

he crashed with making the full movies
hasta la vista your movies D:

gl, hard to find one :(
deserves a decent moviemaker gl :)
good luck santj
ensamfrapsproduction :)
whats the song from the trailer
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