well erm here comes a ncie story for young and old
first of all the idiot was whining all time that other guys where cheating bcuzz they were bit better then we dit then he discconect come back in 1 min
then he start playing verry good even better as maus
he made like 7 kills in a row while he couldn't make 2 before hes recvonnect
so i tought am gonne record this match
and he was shooting all time 3 hs
demo if u want i put it on so u can watch it but there nly some frags of him bcuzz u see always failer rabo playing :p

ps: im'blunded i ment what i said about crossfire topic :)

so if u need the short demo (3mins or something) just ask and u'll get it
didnt read LOL
he made like 7 kills in a row ,shooting all time 3 hs ..
he made like 7 kills in a row ,shooting all time 3 hs ..
its called, a cheater !
you mad :)
lol i started to wonder when i played against him since when this etpub player started to kill me 3 times in a row :) afaik he was very bad dunno know
it's a nice story as i said :P and u should read it
No it isnt :)
with pb he's low/+ max & nopb he make 3hs preshoot tracking...
who cares about a low+ hacker?
you , arschloch :D
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