widescreen problem

so my friend got a problem with his widescreen. he is using win 7 ultimate.

usually hes playing with 1600*900, so that there is a black frame on the left and right side and the game is in the middle.

since he formated he can't make it that way again. it's always fullscreen.

any ideas?

image: 1284223685970
It's normal
I Think That Your Friend Got Weird eRRoRR Which Can Be Solved By Using R_mode -1 And Adding X And Y Values.
scaling options in drivers
adjust the gfx card driver so that it keeps the desktop resolution even while ingame, so you can change the actual ingame resolution to a lower one and have those black bars
i dont get it. ur frend is having widescreen monitor, he plays with his widescreen res 1600*900 and used to get those black bars (which afaik happens only when 4:3 res is used on widescreen monitors) . now hes not having those black bars.

wat does he want? the black bars on side (which can b done with 4:3 res) or play on his native 1600x900 res which looks perfect (which hes already having if m not wrong)?

r_mode -1
r_customwidth 1600
r_customheight 900
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