Still searching xd

University has started, my lovely's are all away to university and since I'm not smart enough to go to uni, and i'm about to lose my job, I need to play ET to keep what is left of my sanity! So I'm looking for a team to play anything with, LANs, OC, whatever you want =D
I have a tendency to maybe add a lot of bullshit to my forum posts, so I'll keep this simple ^^

About Me

Played ET a long time! :p
Can play pretty much anything, most effective as engy/medic but fops im okay too
pretty skilled
played over 5000 hours of wow, I'm a nerd :D
team player, don't rambo at all
will play any position


Don't really expect anything from you guys.. maybe just a lineup I spose
Positions would be nice but it's not a prerequisite
Don't really fancy playing low.. having played higher skilled it's just frustrating playing with people who don't know what they're doing ^^

so that's about it, message me here if you need me at all, for anything, anything at all
"prerequisite" - Come on dem, don't confuse the CF community with complicated English language! too extreme! :D

Gll mate, nice playa :) xxx
gl, nice guy! :)
gl good player <3
gl dude =]
Low hater

but gl
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