Jinx Searches ET team?

Switching from RtCW to Enemy Territory so looking for a team for scrims or perhaps even a few cups?

What I offer

1. A LOT of whine on vent (particularly if we're losing)
2. A really terrible aimer.
3. Hardly any knowledge of ET maps (Tactics, tj's. timings etc etc)
4. 7/8 year RtCW experience which is completely useless for ET.

What you should have....

1. Patience !
2. Sense of humour
3. Be over 18? (Yea, this isn't counter strike ¬_¬)
4. vent or a ts server with team tactics in English.

If Carlsberg made recruitment applications.....
0_o gl i spose =D
lets make a team!
good luck... nice to see some oldschooler^^
join my team mate :DD with me and jackie and co. we are starting a serious team, so get your ass over here!
gl jinx :)
Good luck with the much slower game than you are used to playing :)
Carlsberg uhhhhmmmmmmmm.

Denmark is the best place to live.
No team can handle your brilliance yet 8)<
It will come eventually once I learn how to play the maps, hardest part is the timing's against high skilled teams I get raped by timed spawnades....especially on supply.
Close this thread you are already forgiven :D
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