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Hey guys,
We, eXtreme gaming, are looking for a few people(2 max) to play some cod4 matches with, new players are also welcome, we'll teach you!

- speak Poland, don't need to be perfect, since Denmark/Polandsteelers polish is terrible
- around low/+, we'll teach you if you just started the game :)
- be cool and don't take the game too serious, mostly we're just fucking around
- don't whine too much, we got steeler already
- be clean
- be active, we're playing around 3/4 times a week
- up for a laugh in every match

- all polish
- around low+
- having a lot of fun
- active
- have TS3 channel, still need a gameserver

PolandRA1DEr lives in Denmark
DenmarkSTEELER also known as Denmarkbrad, and yes he's actually from Poland - I know him IRL, best friends forever<3
PolandDESPERlives in Belgium
Polandd0miNik lives in England
and our lovely cheerleader PolandGucio<3

If you want to join us, contact me on xfire(mact3p), or send a msg to sens6|brad on mIRC. You can also send me or bradd a pm here on cf :-)
wrócimy pewnie kiedys, nie boj sie :)
no nie wiem ja tam szybko nigdzie nie wracam :) :D
chyba nawet jade teraz na tydzien do polski za 2 tyg na 5-7 dni, ja to chetnie wroce, bo dania jest taki nudny kraj a w polsce rodzinka i tak dalej :)
Tylko sie nie zapij tam na smierc! Mi ostatnim razem malo brakowalo :D
so you're all immigrants
avi, just not polish
you play cod4 mate?
gl dominik
ile kosztuje cod4?
kolo 200 kr. tu w dani - wychodzi na 100 zl w polsce, ale wydaje mi sie ze nawet za 75/50zl bys dostal
u mnie 300-350 kr szwedzkich :-( czyli okolo 150 zl zdzierstwo jak nic

e: a jaka to jest dokladnie wersja bo troche ich jest :P
Call of duty 4(taka zielona z soldierem okladka) - oczywiscie patchy sie sciaga za free :)
poszukam jakiejs uzywki jak cos znajde to dam znac :=)
no to super :)
how can u be low+ in cod4 lol
cause we're mostly just fucking around, not playing serious(well only if we just need a few more rounds to win) :)
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