Come on ! xD

Hello, How are you?

I would like to enter the tournament, teams from Brazil do you accept?

My name is Lucas Martin, I'm 15 years old, and I'm from Brazil

My team would love to enter the tournament

Team: Team Brasucas

Tag: [<O>] Samus / Bro7 <> Samus

X-fire: Lucksniper

Thanks !
Cool tag bro.
what tournament? wat?
pm Poland Killerboy
whats your etpro/pb guid?

let me see whether you are really Brazilian
hahahaha :DDDDDDDDDD hahahahahaahha

gl, funny guy :D
u need to post it in news
image: jimmy

You're in the wrong place, follow ze links
:PP låt pojk va då

I mean, come on.
EC ? pm killerboy
gl in EC
Do you realize you'll get worse ping then Polaks and Americans?
questa merda pah?!
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