iLL'z Gaming is looking for a merging partner

Dear Clan/Team/Community Leader,

Let me first introduce ourselves, we are the iLL’z Gaming Community. We are a group of people who try to compete on the highest international level.
At this moment, the iLL’z Community can be divided into three groups: The first group is our management; this group takes care of the things that need to be done to keep this community, and our teams, going.
Read more on: : Game Forums /clans-wars-cod4/161903-illz-gaming-looking-merging-partner.html

To keep our community a happy community, we have introduced a casual part into our community. These members play the games they play just for the fun of it, no ranked competition. They keep our spirit alive, we like to say. What we mean with that is: you can always have a fun time and chat or play together with one of these members.

And the third but most certainly not least part of our community, our professional teams. At the moment we have a Counter Strike 1.6 team, and a Modern Warfare 2 team.

Our Counter Strike team currently possesses the level of skill we aim for in our community. They are already competing on high level and attending LANs, to give an example, the recent Sorlanet LAN. There they managed to achieve second place.

Our Modern Warfare team is still in the beginning phase, the team is still to be formed, though we have a lot of people already interested in joining that team. What’s left to do now is to get a new good team captain, to replace our former one, who currently has no time left to lead a high level team.
Read more on: : Game Forums /clans-wars-cod6-mw2/161902-illz-gaming-looking-merging-partner.html

Now that you know something about us, I want to do a proposition. Today can possibly be the beginning of one of the best communities one has ever seen, namely the new iLL’z Gaming Community. And by new I mean merged, we are looking for a partner to merge with and go for the best, together, as one.
What do we mean with this? Well that is rather simple; we are looking for a clan that wants to discuss merging his/her clan/group/community with our community.

Of course we have some conditions which are not discussable:
- The name ‘iLL’z’ will remain the name used.
- Our current site will remain the homepage.
- The management section will have no dropouts, newcomers are welcome.
- Our new partner, you, has at least 30 active members.

In addition, we are very much interested in someone who is in ‘possession’ of a professional team.

If you are interested, please react here or on our site.
Or send us an email at: /

Yours sincerely,
Pim Willems & Robin Klusman
iLL’z Gaming Management
i know u from CSS :d
don't write so much m8, no one will read
gl in et, very gut game

take: idk
gl , take idk!
good luck !
looks kinda good:)

Looks interesting and nice :)

Interesting pitch
Goodluck :)
Try to shove your fist up your ass with some vaseline. That should do the trick! Hope that I helped you out. No problem matey!
As you can see our community is mostly composed of nerds, trolls and retarded people.
Deal with it or gtfo and write a shorter text.
If I got it right, you want to sponsor a team? Or what is this all about?
Please enlighten me.
Apparently they wish to merge with another community to make theirs bigger
Looks nice although I don't think you'll manage to get 30 members from 1 clan/group here. Look @ those kids.
GL, the idea is nice
you're hardly going to find anyone cod-oriented here with that amount of people
So let me get this.

1st You want to merge with another team. presumably a multi gaming team.
2nd You want to use your name and your website
3rd You want them to preferably have a top level team?

What would a "community" get in return if they have spent so long on building their name and team up if your just going to, pretty much, whipe their name and play FOR them rather than with them?

Or have I completely missed the point of this?
You did not mis anything.
I indeed assume that they want to keep EVERYTHING and GET everything from the other MGC. Instead of doing it equal.
I had to re-reas what i put as this topic is so old. But at least I got this correct! :D
Haha indeed, good boy!

You'll be a good einstein!
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