In need of a RtCW movie maker

I am searching a movie maker cause Englandcrmbs didn't have the time and motivation to finish my movie.

I'm not expecting anything special, just the basics.

A +/- 10 min movie excluding intro and outro, I have all my demos sorted and uploaded so if I find someone willing to make my movie he can start off straight away.

I'd prefer it if you have made any previous movies, preferable in RtCW.

Interested? Do not hesitate to pm me (one-juncie) @ #onesoldier or my bouncer when im offline.
Is the goal to start from the beginning again or to finish crmbs work?
start all over
gl big maikel
what about onesoldiers' movie? :(
il arrive bientôt
at last!!!!

but "elle arrive bientôt" would have been better ;p
summer 2007 (hopefully)
Juncie played on Jolt the other day? :>
Seen you there, quite a good player

Abit off topic though, I know :<
Hi there Gaso !
im in need of a movie maker aswell, plus i have the better frags so choose me
Now im looking good rtcw player for 6-8 min fragmovie (only basic movie). Just query me on #thoro-pictures
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