SL Halloween Mercs

Please post here if you're looking for people or are available to play in the SPEEDLINK Halloween Challenge.

  • Estonia sCope
  • Germany mztic_
  • Czech Republic tAMjee (#GetHit)
  • France AKrAm
  • Denmark bee
  • Portugal SETUPJ
  • Finland Vanhaomena
  • Poland moLy
  • Poland Jadolek (#:h / #darts-team)
  • Germany twister (twister_)
  • United Kingdom mAv (
  • United Kingdom rahula (
  • Finland RS (#mustanaamiot /
  • France sword (#muse-gaming)
  • France Francis
  • France er4z
  • Finland vAtu (#bAnga)
  • Croatia danL
  • Slovenia m1ke (
  • Estonia lolcat (
  • Netherlands IceQ
  • Netherlands exceed

Teams searching:
  • Netherlands JOSHUA (#overload)
  • Germany kAShY
  • Poland fanatic (#:h)
Frop is mad cuz everyone is stylin on him?
Micless headshot aimer_69_666 avi

Be competitive OR very fun
avi, twister_ on irc
avi mAv /q
avi -

better than nonix :o)
Avi. (#mustanaamiot / )
im am tookened now
avi if fucking needed MarseillefrAncis (with a capital A to look cool)
avi too :)
avi FinlandvAtu (#bAnga)
More skilled than vanhaomena! Go go go vatu! :)
if anyone still happens to need, shit merc avi
m1ke smgeng
avi but broken mic :þ
avi /q exceed @ #crossfire
avi today :) /q destiny
im avi, im from finland :)
avi im from germany

pmme here
avi :D

i like!
I'm avi /q @ #speedlink.cup
avi :),
That topic helped us much thx for this! :)
broken mic my ass is a place2beprostitute for 4 dollah
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