graphics card broken?


i've got a problem which came up some days ago. suddenly, my pc started crashing while playing et, but back then i could boot up again and go on without any problems. a few minutes ago i wanted to play et again, so i started the game and the computer crashed immediately. now i have strange lines and dots on the startup screens and the computer doesn't really boot anymore, all i get is this:
image: image0551

does anyone have any solution for this or is my hardware fucked?
100% graphic card, had the same while playing GTA4 + boot screen
e: according to your profile hardware i wouldnt be suprised :P
i have read somewhere (long, long time ago) that 8800/9800 gtx are getting broken in quick time [bad series or whatever is it called, im missing word there with my poor english]

i had to wait for new one :\ my gf 9800 gtx broken after 1 month, it had like outdated bios and stuff
The 8800 card has bad memory soldering or something like that. It breaks eventually, and there is merely one thing you could do (apart from RMAing it) to fix it:
put it in the oven. Yeah, really. Putting it in the oven melts the solders of the memory on the card and fixes the tiny cracks in the soldering, which could make it work again.
ok can u show us the picture of your problem now instead of this maze?
yes its done
Is that a NES emulator on your random pic?

image: 26082216
have the same, sometimes it works tough!
Bake the card in the oven mostly it will work again, search google.

Know problem with 8xxx/9xxx series.
quality stuff :) I might dig out an old card that this happened to and see if it works :D
tried a spare cable?
ur memory got fucked up get a new gfx
Your pc is so crazy!
try removing dust from the cards fan?
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