new pc hardware

after this i'm considering getting a new pc.
what do you think about the following?

CPU: Intel Core i7-875K (2.93 GHz)
GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 5870 1 GB
MB: Gigabyte P55A-UD6
HD: Western Digital Scorpio Black 500 GB (2x)
RAM: Corsair DDR3 1600 MHz 6 GB (3x2 GB)
Drive1: LG CH10LS2
Drive2: LG GH22LS50
PS: Corsair AX750
Case: Thermaltake Shark

CHF 1900.- (€1400.-)

any suggestions?
cpu needs some overclocking, graphics card seems good, what do you need 2 different HDs for? :D 6 GB ram seems a lil bit overpowered, 4 should be enough, what do you need 2 drives for? :O
3x RAM in order to be able to use Triple Channel.
The CPU is just fine and can be run with or without overclocking.
2 HDs in order to be able to use RAID 0 I assume though there is no point in doing so. Most people think that their gaming PC will produce more FPS so...
Yay someone that isn't retarded when it comes to computers. I'd rather grab an SSD for a boot drive and keep conventional drives for storage. To bad I have no money for computer stuff atm ;-.-
+1 I have like that
Well I should know some stuff when I study ze shitz!
I would not go for a SSD yet because there are still some disadvantages and SSD HDs are quite expensive :/
They are expensive, but given my attempt to always refresh every 2-3 years with a new build, SSDs aren't terrible, but yes the really good ones are still terribly expensive >:| So you're studying Computer Engineering or something?
Information Engineering
you still didnt solved the maze ?:s

e: lol u mad so much spending at pc??
yes buy 10000gb of ram and run windows xp

nootbooks ftw!
Big budget but it looks good, nothing to comment on.
i7 is pointless if you are only gaming.
That is not true because all modern engines support multi threading and it will be even more important in the future. The new engine of CRYTEK for example is supposed to be multiple times faster with a multi core CPU.
i5 is more than enough for gaming at the moment, i7 is complete overkill in terms of price/performance. Even then, x4 955 is still an even nicer deal.
I am not that much into hardware but afaik I know the caches of the i5 are smaller than the ones of the i7 but I do not know for sure and I won't inform myself now :)
I have got an i7 920 (I bought that and not an i5 model but I can't remember the reason) which was quite cheap also in comparison to the i5 models. It is overclocked and runs any current game just fine.
cool screenshots u got br0
QuoteCase: Thermaltake Shark

modding case...
prefer amd*4 3.20ghz (black edition) to i7
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