totally #unEXPECTED.

We as unEXPECTED are a new clan formed by sKynZ and sNakx.
We started planning in the late 2009, and now we came up with this, unEXPECTED.
Please read this carefully.

Here we go ! ^^,

We are searching players for our Call of Duty 4 team.
This player must contain the following requirements:

; Microphone
; Good attitude / maturity
; Teamplay
; ESL Account
; Clanbase Account
; Valid CoD 4 Serial

And the most important of all:

- No irritating, frustrated or raging kids -

What do we have to offer towards you:
We want to give our members the best experience of Online-gaming.

; 40 slots VALID Teamspeak
; Teamplay
; LAN-Able
; Alot of experience
; ESL Team
; Proper website
; Great attitude

Reason why you would join our community.

You Dont know the reason why you would join our community? We do!
We are mature people above 18+, we brainstormt and planned this a long long time to hold out atleast a couple of hundred years. We want our members sitting on the front of there chairs when they compete in high end battles, and giving them and us faith we can win.

We as a players, want to hold on as a team and a team that is able to hold on till the bitter end, that makes us.

With good training, and common knowledge there is no problem in competing in ESL Amature/Pro Series.
We want to achieve the highest, and we are not sattisfied with something under it.
But before we can achieve such a thing, players must co-op with eachother because we do not tollerate any immaturity, lack of knowledge and someone who cant teamplay.

Feel called to fatten up the line up?
Feel free to make a topic on our website!

unEXPECTED Website

Try to keep the posting constructive and pointed towards this topic.
Thanks for reading! <3 n_n
/q Stevy
Quote by IronicfromSaiko on 31/10/10, 23:47:37This makes me want to paly cod4 again, 2 bad i never found a stable team :<
QuoteAnd the most important of all:

- No irritating, frustrated or raging kids -

Too bad. :(
U got me there :(
I got you there. ;)
@ pwnage quote.

Good that you figured it out yourself ;)

@edit because people are to retarded to figure it out by there selves.
Quote by RihannaNetherlandsIronic

Quote by SkynzWhat's Ironic?

@ pwnage reply.

Good that your(????) figured it out yourself ;)
And now you think you look smart?


You don't even know who the fuck I'm talking about, so shut the FUCK up and go find some low CoD4 players on a mainly ETPro based community, fucker.
Why would it be ETbased?

And why did CF Admins put a CoD section in it?
Take those questions to yourself.. child.
I've helped you redirecting Ironic to this thread.

Now thank me and shut the hell up. :)
Flame off.

And thank you ;)
im not an irritating, frustrated or raging kid :<
God should love you n_n
Geen mensen meer nodig dus?
Eigenlijk wel.

Check de url ;)
Maak morgen wel ff n post. Assault btw
Oke no problem.
Zie je morgen ;)
Whats ironic?
he's a player
Oh, thought something else :3
i'm not sure if you're allowed to add youtube as your partner?^^
Its allowed ;)
I need a CoD4 key. :(
Buy it.

does the microphone have to be working ?
Hmm, ofcourse.. what kinda question is that?

damn :<

well mine works once in a while, good enough? :D
Sure, apply at our website.

GL n_n
OMG this is getting the hottest item on CF! :O

Still looking for players!

<3 you all for constructive posting!
How dare you to use our old clanname without permission Ö?
Hmm, like you said "Old clanname"?

Thanks fellow gamers, for your moral support and guidance! :)
We got atleast enough members to start a steady line up.
Check out the line up @ our homepage.

If you guys still want to apply, do that at our forum :)
Or you have a team but no voice servers + game servers, then you can also apply @ the recruitment section.

An unEXPECTED homepage!
hee ben nl speel je ook warrock en heb je warrock generator??
zeg even wat terug;)
Who the fuck are you?

Do i smell a kid who likes to cheat?
Because "everybody else does"?

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