Ankji avi

Well since United KingdomTeam NRG is probably dropping out of OC because of inactivity problems im now searching a new team to play for.

Me :

- Active almost everyday except Fridays and Saturdays.
- Can usually play from 19:00 to 22:00 and sometimes a bit longer.
- Around med/+
- Can play medic/fops and engie smg (I could also try the rifl, but then a lower team would suit better hehe).
- Playing good as aggressive fops/medic.
- Can speak United Kingdom/Sweden
- Talk allot in game and also between the games.
- Prefer a 5on5 team but 3on3 is just fine too.
- SLAC user, but ofc i got progs to bypass that.
- Clean.
- Nice guy.

You :

- Age doesn't matter as long as you're not brain dead and have a high pitch voice :)
- Active
- Playing active OC, ESL or in ladders. (If you play OC you should be in at least 3rd div. But exceptions can be made :)
- Stable team without a lot of lu changes.
- A lot of comms in game since i dislike dead silence in praccs.
- Avi for new projects but pref a existing team.

/q Ankji @ #t34mNRG or drop me a message here.
gl, take me with him.
gl ankji! :D
lycka till!
gl m8 <3
Cool guy! Pr3tty damn skilled as well, gl's!
gl bruv <3
goodluck man! :)
gl m8 great player and nice guy
gl mad boy
gl jonathan
gl niggah
gl ankji
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