ET gamma prob

I got prob with gamma. It keep changes to 1.0. I am setting to ex. 2.6 i got it 1 sec and then i turn once againg to 1.0 (i didnt change anything in cfg ) any solution ?
reinstall windows
get ubuntu
get gentoo
seta r_gamma 2.6

probs et getting confused between your autoexec and those ingame profile things
fixed. just some soft "flux"..
my prob installed some soft called flux :P
vid_Restart bug
probably, the r_gamma is set to 1 in ur etconfig in profile's folder. either edit it thru notepad and save or delete it, start et then exec ur autoexec which shud have ur desired gamma.
right click et.exe then properties than compatibility than click the box run this program in compatibility mode for than choose Windows xp (service pack 3 ....2) what ever u hv
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