Hey I am looking for a high skilled euro team I am available usually at 9:30 p.m. Euro time. +6 american time which is 3:30 in the evening.
I play medic or fd op or engy anything u want.

I am from america = )
so yes Am a fuckn warper so enemies beware

I played for overrated and made it to playoffs gg's Dudes!
I currently play for the #1 ranked american team in U.S. of A.
we have won 2 seasons straight so far hoping for this to be our third.
I am available usually at 9:30 p.m. Euro time. +6 american time which is 3:30 in the evening.

gL rebel, ull need it ;d
plz american highskilled = EU med- nothing more so dont search a highskilled team :o

and no one plays at that time :o
you play at that time?
pretty sure that usa high skilled is damn close to euro high level just most of our good players have moved onto new games or got burned out
OK sir gg at quakecon :o
u idiot i never said i was good but i am saying that clans last 1 season and if animal or blzn are on them they might only make it one week!! but the point is in euro world ppl are loyal and teams can last years with out disbanning so stfu you ignorant piece of shit
in that case you don't know shiat about EU.

A team breaking the 2 weeks are rare.
50 seconds reply! haxx
ye but ur sexy rawr
omg 50??? i m low+ :(
i know... but its not your fault... your parents were lowskilled too i think :/
dumb fucks.

Good luck Tonyrebel
gl m8 nice guy
what is with the euro players think the best usa players is med max...... cuse it dosent matter who u ask in a server what skill they are 90% say they are med+... pls get to real world... gl re6el
2 or 3 skilled Americans, rebel is one of them. <o/
i still remeber when washout was on a pub in euro and totally dominating the kids and they wanted to kick him
ja med-

the individual skill in usa is not much different from eu
but the clans normally only exist for 1 season

gl rebel
Pretty damn sure rebel isnt med-:) gl guy, always been nice to me and a good player, hope you find the right team.
yeah those guys bob,silver,alea,spartan,axe,special all low skilled and dont forget dator and seed!! watch dator the movie to watch top eu guys get pistoled by dator kk but these days yes na isnt as good as eu but you know in america there are better things to do then strat video games all day!
made me chuckle.

And still whole gaming industry commit themselves to America :\
we got the cash!
not top, but med/med+ like your top is.
lawl see thats what i am saying if your top teams changed daily they wouldnt be top would they!!!!!!!!!!!! so i am saying american teams never last long enough with exception to a few teams
then you should ask yourself: why doesn't they stay together?

and most EU topteams do change the lineup occasionaly.
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