Dell Studio laptop and ET

Hi. My problem is that when I play ET with my Dell Studio laptop, some keys do not work. For example f1, f2... and arrow buttons. That is, the computer does not seem to recognize the game. When I press the f4 button, for example, it makes the screen brighter as it would normally do if I am not playing any game. How to fix this issue?
/unbindall or format
Your Function (Fn) key seems to be stuck.
i know i have same laptop, when u want to press f4 u would have to press Fn (next to ctrl) and then press f4 at the same time
it does work with f1 for example. but with f2, it does not seem to do so. it disables my WIFI card or something. This sucks as f5 and so on do not seem to work either.
use alternative keys
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