Empire! 3on3


If you are avi and wanna play some funny mixed matches and offis, feel free to ask us.
We will play many offis so a bit skill and a nice person would be nice (;
3on3 Team!

Clanbase: http://clanbase.ggl.com/claninfo.php?cid=1979571

Roster: Turkey FiREBALL - Italy Shoes - Germany z3R0 - United Kingdom rAzZ - Germany violy - Netherlands infernal

Why the fuck we still need players? Cause not everyone is alway on the same time here, like fatih never bevore 8:00 o'clock. rAzZ trains with mvp and I'm not bevore 10 o'clock at home.
So if you are interessed just pm me #Empire! im here at 10 oclock, or write me a pm on crossfire.

Quote by FiREBALL
egal es können auch 10 Spieler sein, hau einfach paar rein
Germany humm3l missing
are you at it again? oh my ...
gl shoes! nice guy :)
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