fps lag!

Hi there lads,

I recently switched over from a GT160 (broken) to a HD5750. For some reason all games run fine, except ET. I never used to have this before and I already tried shitloads of settings in the catalyst center but im getting fps lags.

Im stable 125fps till some strikes / nades explode and then my fps drops to 100/90 fps while my mouse just stops moving in between the fps drops, still moves but its really stop move stop move stop move. Its not that much of a hassle in 5vs5 but its driving me insane when playing big pubs.

I guess some other oldfag had this problem before, so i hope by posting here i might get a normal decent reply, maybe even some help!

already tried
- omega drivers
- stock drivers
- checked all obvious fps drainers in settings, got everything on performance except mipmapping at quality
- catalyst ai on/off whatever
- pb on/off
- pbprior ET= highest / high / normal
- driver cleaner

Plz help me cause borderlands is getting boring after playing it one week.

edit: nvm, just reinstalled my old gt8600
vid restart bug
cool storie bro but join vent and come play , we need you :)
i read "fps lag!" and tought u're talking bout cod7...
format obviously
disable ATI Hotkey Poller on your services.msc
it must fix it :>
<3 i saw that service running in my services.msc , it even crashed once the other day :D Will definitly give this one a go, otherwise im reinstalling my GT8600 which works like a charm for ET and most older games.
Yo man, i have this freaking same problem..
but cant find this service?
is the name just Ati Hotkey Poller??

hope you can help me thx..
You cant either go to 'services.msc' or 'msconfig' through the 'Run' command (windows button + R). In the first option, this cmd should be right on the screen, if you choose the second option, go to the services tab and disable this ATI Hotkey Poller then reboot. Good luck with that.
just seriously, its not there.. im fucked on grush.
its slac i think. i have the same problem, its like watching goldrush tank.
Im not using that beta software written by an ex cheatcoder ex anti cheat ex cheatcoder anticheat coder.
yo einstein,

thanks for your usefull comment. I'm not a retard. I know ET only uses cpu, thats why i was styling with GT8600 for so long. But my fps only started lagging after I installed that new ATI card so I think (might be totally wrong here einstein) its related to the video card ...
Maybe some retarded driver failure because you switched from nvidia > ATi


clean ATi and nvidia after that reinstall driver =D
I tried that already, though i only cleaned up the nvidia drivers and some other pheriphals im not using anymore. Will give it a try again, totally remove the drivers and try again with both omega and stock drivers.
wel een vaag probleem man ik heb nog nooit zulke problemen gehad met ATi
I thought you upgraded and were wondering why you didn't get 125fps...

I used to get 125fps on an Nvidia 5200FX I believe :D

Those were the days..

I've never had ati, so can't help you... Only thing I could think of is remove the r_lastvalidrenderer from cfg and then load it :?

Other than that it's possibly related to drivers, but I have no idea what or how, ask some ati boys (like Ati_)
first thing i checked was the r_lastvalidrenderer :p

Then i dunno.. Disable opengl extensions if that's even possible? :/ Or sth like optimized threading but then for ati

just reinstalled my gt8600, everything is working like a charm again :D
i prefer fps brain
borderlands gettin boringlands!
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