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hey cf nerds. I need a people who have a decent knowledge in JavaScript.

I have a short form to upload a photo to my page, when its uploaded its show under this form but also the whole page is reloading.

I want to code that when the photo is uploading then JS is showing a tiny gif like this image: ajax_loader=spinner and after the photo is uploaded then script'll replace .gif with the photo. I don't have any JS knowledge so would be cool if you will explain to me how it gonna works. Cheers

E: I hope you understood what i wrote cause my english is low :(
sry i not speak you language

Can be easily modified to show that activity indicator.

Just work your way through there, it's really helpful and won't take that long.
try with jquery uploader... its simpel and the page do not need to reload!
learn ajax or use jquery, izi like that...
thanks for help, im gonna learn AJAX cause i'll need it soon surely...
well,I suggest u to go learning jQuery, its not bad if u know how ajax calls work but I guess knowing how to use jquery is more than sufficient and much faster, especially if u r working only on some "random" easy webpage.
actually its gonna be pretty big portal. I've already done all PHP/mysql work, now i've only to make a design and some flash, Ajax things but i never worked with it before
well, if its supposed to be a big portal and u have no knowledge about ajax/jQuery(or some similar js library), then let be god with you. Not including ajax calls to minimize traffic and page reloading while developing "big" web application is so 2005 and it kinda shows that u r kinda begining developer (this does not apply in teams where somebody is php master and somebody other is ajax magician). Also using flash can be a bit pain in the ass (and not only for developer), my personal advise would be the less of flash on web the better, but thats more of a personal choice.
Flash = ultrafail, we all know that, I'm surprised Flash still isn't banned by the Human Rights
be glad that u r not living in our country, one of our banks has just released inet banking all done in flash :D
i know that google hate flash but nvm. i decided to dont use any flash things except some loading bars etc :))

Well when i started work on this project i didnt know anything except some html + css basics. My point was to make this project without any time restriction thats why im already coding it third month. I choose this way to learn programming cause i think learning by setting ourselves the challenge is the best for me and honestly only through this project i learned a lot of PHP/html/css/a bit of perl. The project don't need a lot ajax effort thats why i leaved it to the end and after i'll successfully do some ajax things i'll be ready to release my project. And it's not as BIG project as for example digg or reddit. With it biggest its gonna be similiar to crossfire but with quite different content and structure so itsmuch bigger and harder to do page than a "random easy page" :).

Sry for english : D
Well, its not just that google hates flash, but it would have been for longer conversation :)
learning programming via PHP is not the best idea either, especially not when u r starting with OOP (at least I hope u r using OOP to develop ur project). But that depends on how flexible programmer u want to be, because switching from Java/C# to PHP is np, switching from PHP to java/c# is kinda painfull). But if u dont want to make living by programming and just develop some web applications, php can save u a lot of nerves :)
I just heard google isnt indexing flash pages as good as pages w/o flash and thats the main point why big sites dont use it.

yep, my main interests goes to networks, i think i've pretty big knowledge about Lan/Wide networks structure (also servers administration, all kind of llinux main tasks) and thats what i want to do in future. But im young and i decided that it gonna be usefull in future to know some programming laungage and i hope to earn some money on this page maybe by advertistments or smth like that, maybe i'll sell it if someones will want to buy;P but even if i'll not earn any money its np i'll leave programming and take care of increasing my skills in networks :)
post on a forum like a runescape botting site :DDD
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