D4vid is avi for new Team

I'm looking for a new Team. Cause of my work i can play sometimes the whole week or only some days of the week.

What u should know over me:
  • Age: 22
  • skill: med-(just can stay against med as well)
  • History: Look on My Profile
  • Class:Eng/Fop/Medic
  • Never Cheated.
  • Slac On
  • sometimes a bit braindead
  • Have Ventserver & Gameservers
  • german/english

What u should offer:
  • Ventrilo/TS-Server
  • got warserver, if not we can take one of mine
  • plz no kidz
  • german/english speaking
  • be funny
  • don't be too serious cause of internet


» MSN: herbringdavid@web.de
» ICQ: 218066843
» IRC: #minus-gaming #holyshit!
» Crossfire PM: Send Pm
» x-Fire: klommander

my mistress Cherry
my favorite Austrian Mandy
my favorite Ossis genShi & powelcheck
mr Ego-Boost Destii
CF-Profile Stalker Papii
mr talking too much during doing taccs niSmO
best finn-rifle Hukk
biggest whiner on IRC znark`
my homevideo buddy rANDOM0
bayern-kanacke bitch
Mr. E-Police ManiSoKrass
to all i know and forgot right now

image: Elin-Grindemyr-600x400-53kb-media-3945-media-146916-1237541702

Good luck mate :)
gl du spinner :_D
GL Frag doch mal den kleinen Genshi der sucht doch noch wenn ich mich nicht irre!!!
hab aber keine lust auf das rum geturtel da ....
gl hf hater :)
i never said that i hate u but on the other hand i never said that i like u :p
GL bro, hope you find soemthing coool! :D
noezify told that u deleted all our banana games on order page cause ur student guys shouldn't see what kind of nerd u are ....
? i havent deleted anything :D i have ET and everything i had hidden away on my laptop so my uni bros dont see it :D

they will be like OMFG NERD and i will be like :'(
u are every time like :'( but nevermind gl for the uni :)
:DDD cheers bro! im back at 17th december until 17th of january, so we should get some mixes going then :D hf searching, hope you get something cool!
when i have the time for this ^^
low+ max ;))

gl anyway
gL dicker !
give this guy a good team! gl new talent!
ruhrpott kanacken juden itzig schweine sau monster....

GL :)
12punkte immer noch ihr seid voll schlecht, btw gruß ma dani
now i know alot 'over' you
gl mate, def. better than med-!
yes but not better then u :(
ur smg skills are better than mine :o
gl dav1d : )
gl david <3
danke mandy <3
whats up with hs?

gl D4vid ;)
haha, 2mal machst nicht den Fehler. :P

anyway gl
eheheh lach net ;)
noezify's team ?
gl David :)
danke für _mein_ shoutout!
wenn du lust hast kannste mal bei uns vorbeischauen...
gl! rly nice guy :D
Quotesometimes a bit braindead
sooo true :D

but anyway gl davido :)
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