I'm thinking about buying cod blackops..
But i only wanna buy it if its getting active like cod4..
Hope it will be cause it looks good!

is it worth to buy this game? for competive gaming?

What do you guys think about the game ?
afaik its much more active than any game right now
not gonna play it
COD4 > Blackops @ competitive gaminG
black ops will be awesome with a promod, maybe wait til it comes out and then buy it? hell there may already be a promod, i havent touched the game since i bought it lol ^^
wait promod :)

black ops is really nice game !
Ok thx for comments :) but i want to play alrdy if i know its gonna be active.. just in public.. So i start good in competive :p I will just buy it :) cause i see you guys like it already :) and the servers are dedicated :)
I thinking
Does it hurt?
im just quoting what manhunt said in the first sentence of this forum post.
and Does it hurt?
no, not at all.
Never buying games steam related x)
great game, check tek9 to find some ppl to play with and maybe some fun scrims
complete fucking dog game two noobs panzered me like all the time :D
Massive lags and fps drops... fun
Manhunt it is a nice game, but i dont know if there is a promod soon. Cod 4 is still really active. But in some months that players wants some new shit.
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