the weirdest thing

We played a 3v3 against some three players (one of them was SOOSSI who we all know, and one of them was Maani) Unfortunately I wasn't smart enough to take screenshots from their slac/etpro guids so this is all hear-say and not accusing anyone of cheats.

Where it gets interesting is that we smelled something fishy about the whole game we played. We didn't seem to give damage accordingly. I actually remember one close-range rape where I hit only bodyshots and it took 16-17 hits to kill him. The guy hadn't got medpacks anywhere near and he was shooting back at me.
Also interesting was a nade one of us threw after their spawn just at the feet of the axis player and he only took a blast that sent him flying to the roof - didn't die.

and a screenshot of my stats is not as it should be
image: statstjj

Quickly counted (assuming all are close-range hits and headshots do 40 dmg)
Colt: 16*18 + 3*40 = 408 dmg
mp40: 7*18 = 126 dmg
thompson: 179*18 + 12*40 = 3702 dmg
garand: 23*50 = 1150dmg

All added up: 5386 dmg

Yet my stats give out 3127. Over 2k in dmg was lost?

Someone may argue that I had long-distance duels but as far as I remember, had one or two of them. Nowhere near to lose 2000 in damage.
Also, that damage is rounded down anyway, headshots give out 50 damage more often than not and we can't ignore those 3hits with grenades.

A small clip made by Tele from his demo.

The fishy parts took place in my demo:
weird nade - 4.40 left on the missiontimer
weirder duel - 3.30 left on the missiontimer

Sorry for not having an avi, I don't know how to make one. If someone cares enough, feel free to do so.

demo can be found at
yeah. We had a 3on3 against some guys too, who needed 4 headshots + bodyshots to die.
Funnier thing was when they selfkilled and instantly spawned on the same spot again.......
Don't act like you can do 4 headshots in once >D
barely any hs though :<
yeh sorry about that
hmmmm was this on your server ?
they probably played with global configs which won't show that it's the latest version or bla bla bla, so they probably modified the config and enabled sv_cheats or whatever because chaplja has a tool that can make configs certified
The weird thing was that it was only in some situations we couldn't hit them. We got some damage given after all.
They were playing with a special mode of the game :-)
Well the had the newest config on (at least it seemed so) and the mod was etpro 3.2.6
Jep fake config. Jos salasana servuun oli neegeri tjsp.

/fuufuu antaa sulle mahollisuuden käyttää shownormalsseja give healthii ynnä muuta.
long range+not 18 hp shots
btw hs is 40 if he has cap, if he hasn't its 50
I know long-range doesn't give out 18 dmg. The problem being, I hardly had any long-range duels.

If you'd care to take a look at the demo, that duel took place in the controls' room in sp_delivery and the guy didn't have medpacks anywhere lying around. And he shot back at me. Now I would call it weird to have to hit 16-17 hits before he dies.
well if it were god-mode, it must've been modified somehow. In game I tried out something. Hit one bodyshot on purpose and it gave only 3 damage from the angle I hit them from.
It seemed like they took no damage from behind and the sides, and reduced in some situations.
god doesnt give out hitsounds i think
sv_cheats 1

give health 2000
wud've been more damage given. also checked that their hp's were a normal 140 with wolfcam.
some people can do fake-certified configs and therefore the server allows to do those weird things, i guess
Ne kaytti konffia jossa tietylla komennolla saa givehealthit, noclipit ym kayttoon, 110% tietoa kun kyseisen servunkin tiedan :)
The only thing I can think of is binding "God" to a key then toggling it on and off mid duel, did you try and use any server side cheats yourself to see if they were enabled?
typ musial byc najebany jak winq i nie czul obrazen
podejrzewam ze mial dupe zamiast glowy podobnie jak ty :o)
Disregard what people have said here, they used pupubot, the infamous cheat sold for a brief moment on Adawolfa forums for dirty cheap. Luckily not many people bought it, but it's not surprising at all that that 2.55 cheater crew has their hands on it.
Pupubot the real one? The legend? Im jealous.
:( Liti, hani did talk smthing about jake & co. confessing that he bought hacks at adawolf..
not really :D get lost
i felt similar when i played in some server muumimaailma
they bind it to a key

whenever they press it they get like 30 health etc

aza and co used this "for fun" in 3v3s years ago
how can you explain our 'lack of damage' with that? Given that they just have more hp than normal, my damage should've been around 5k instead of 3k.
i have no clue :)
modified config :)
looked at my end of the demo. This Jules guy took around 280-300 normal calculated damage in a closerange duel. However 3hs seemed to kill him instantly. Funny i didn't even notice it that much when we played.

image: endofroundstats2

made a random clip
vid_restart bug
your cheaterfriends seem to have had alot of "vid_restart" bugs recently. I'm not even remotely suprised this faggot turned out to be soossi
My cheaterfriends?
Well I remember Jules being the only one without slac, but also, I dueled that guy with a pink name (either soossi or maani, can't remember).

took 17*18=306 dmg to kill him :///
svcheats on and heal?
otherwise modified config
probably a modified config then. Extra hp / additional healing doesn't explain our lack of damage.
i played guys like this the other day, close range took 5 headshots :D?
and yeah it took about 17 body shots to kill someone aswell:S i did check /god:D but said cheats arent enabled :S so not sure what happend prob just a bug.
strange if there would be a health/god-hack... but that would explain why some ppl don't die, even when a nade hits them in their face
some time ago @ adawolfa site someone relased weird hack it gave you hp/ammo a lot of granades etc. probably thats it
Seems like you know a lot about!
It was a great troll called Pupub0t. I kinda like threw fuel to the fire by posting pics I took with a trickjump config, having 1000 health and 34 grenades. Unsurprisingly the cheating idiots on that forum fell for it, and huPo (who was behind the troll) got like 250 new messenger contact requests from people who wanted to buy it.
Thought it was something related to pupupox :(
Never had any interests in cheats anyway, never browsed these websites. :)
handicap 60
hah nice demo
at least u have set the clock :P
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