Predje avi

After my previous post a got a phew decent offers, but those peeps are taking way to long to make there final decision so her i am again :)


- 5o5 med-/ 3o3 medish
- brained (usually)
- speaking english/dutch
- fops, medic, enig smg
- avi daily from 6-10 GMT
- slac user
- AVI for 5o5/3o3 ESL+ CB (2o2 if ure nice xD), ODC's


- mature
- brained
- stable
- tax user
- prac at least twice a week
- medisch skilled
- slac users :)
- prefer dutchtards, or EU teams

To lazy to add a chick soz :(
PM me her or add me on xfire: vossens