xoaC avi

Sup CF!

Im looking for a team since im pretty bored with playing CoD: Black Ops...


- 16 years old
- From Austria Austria and speaking German and English
- Kinda mix between funny but mature in serious things
- Medic / 2nd Engi
- Avi everyday from 19-22'o'clock (except for incoming reallife shit)
- Skill: Well, smth. about med- (commenters know best :XD)
- SLAC user and clean
- Mainlineup only..

You should be:

- European team, prefer German speaking teams
- SLAC users and clean
- Stable, Active, training 2-3 days per week
- Less whine.. (exception for cheaters granted :D)
- Funny and also kinda serious
- No rambos, brained

/cf_flame 1

/q xoaC @ QuakeNet or leave a PM

Greetz xoaC.

image: more_by_SusanCoffey
good luck
Quote- No rambos, brained

- Less whine.. (exception for cheaters granted :D)

:DDDD ok whatever

baby, i wish you gl, you are my schnuki, and I hope you will find a decent team soon,
nice chick btw, susan coffey 4 life! <3333
well, i don't get it.
go to bed again and come back when you are dry again :XD

e: wtf do you read for the bottom to the top O_O
friend of a cheater must be low+ xD
yes you're low+ we all know it :D
still gl mate!
low max :D

:D thnx mate
gl xoac, pro tjer!
gl for susan coffey
gl m8 :)
Good pic-choice, good luck.
tj looooow
gl teamaustriabackupspotpownerdtruckdrivinglowdmgmaker :P
thnx weedy :P
thought you were part of AoW
well gl
Well, since xEN does only want his own friends or better guys the rest of the aow community is cutted off from his team
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