Computer Monitor

I'm looking for a new computer monitor since my is three years old now.
So I found this one:

BenQ XL2410T
61cm (24 Zoll) Full-HD Monitor ( LED,HDMI, DVI-D, contrast 10000000:1, 2ms, 120Hz, 3D)

What do you guys think about it? I didn't found something better for pc.
got my lovely acer 22''
I have a Samsung 20" now, but I need a new one :P
ah k :)
well im not a expert @ monitors and stuff xd
It´s good monitor.
You dont get eye cancer here.120Hz so 60,60 in one eye.
120 hz should be great, i've got one myself and i can tell you that its pretty good :) put 120 hz 125fps and swapinterval 1 (if you like it only) and it pwnd
mine is so terrible that it fucked up my eyes. I am a four-eyed beast now:'(
u mad paying so much moneyz!? :xd
christmas present :D
So if your monitor is 3 y old then you need a new one? mine is 7 year old orsmth

;X still good only a bit small but np
Yes because I have no guarantee anymore and there are some death flies behind the screen.
I can't open the monitor to get them out. However it sucks to have 3 black big points on monitor :D
ye right ;p
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