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Because erAse <3333333 doesnt want to play as serious as i want to... i decided to search a more serious team :((

about me:

- from Austria
- mature and friendly guy
- able to speak Germany and United Kingdom
- traintimes: on tuesday i got foortball train so wont be able to play before 20:00 and no train on friday and saturday
- skill:med/med+
- class: my mainclass is rifle
- able to give good comms
- im a teamplayer

about u:

- be mature and friendly
- speak Germany or United Kingdom
- be talkactiv
- use your brain ingame
- skill: med + would be rly cool so i can improve myself ! but i would understand if its no med+ team

how u can contact me:

leave me a msg @ this topic
pm me @ cf
or x-fire: DonMatthias

acid needz :P
just you know why
gl mate !
gl don! :D
its pauz ! how are u ??
im good, and back to et :]
had a nice break, smoked a lotta weed!

and you?
I'm fine thanks :)
great to hear! :D
lol u fat burger eater! you were hiding behind the moon or something?
yea dude the cheese up there is great!
gl finding a clan if you cant play on friday and saturday...
gl !

seMtix is searching a 3on3 backup player pm me if you want more info :)
Best luck m8:)
erase stoners not serious? can't be :D
gl donm8 :)
are u retarded? no et at friday and saturday night? =)

gl man, nice guy
gogo donnie
gl :) <3
never say NO to panda !!

pandussssss <3
gl's m8 :)
gl dear friend, I hope things will work out for you :)

deserves a good team, excells when he has a good medic reviving him!
ps: nice movie xD
gl don!
gl donaldmatthias
olol matze :D

pm me !!!!!!
gl mate !!!
nice rifle 8D
GL don ! however you are not med but med + :P
says the slac multiaccounter
trolled hard? Could I see where is my second account ? Could you show me topic or smth ?
just check your ip at trakos and you gonna whine :)
gl don pro rifle. ;)
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