Joshua needs moviemaker


All kinds of frags against good opponents
Have patience
Can help you, only if you want to ( with songs etc )
I cut the demos already
Flag caps, radar part runs etc

recent trailers/movies


Prefer someone who has made a movie/trailer before
Watchable quality
Have motivation to do it
Good syncing with hitsounds

#overload /q ovr-joshua or ovr-joshuaoff or send me a pm here
Hope you find someone, sick frags :)

gL Joshua
joshua why are u so noob atleast with them u suck hard?
sorry walle :$ I won't suck again
so oldskool pro u are then u join a team with newskoolers and u got shit damage if u look to the others
sorry walle :$ from now on I will damage whore again!
you better listen to walle
nice player needs good mm
sick palyer gl;ppp
song name in joshua ET Movie Trailer ?
lol wat is er nou weer gebeurd?
sick frags, gl
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