Griim & Lazio moviemaker

Looking for a moviemaker that would be interested in making a combined movie for
United Kingdomgriim & Serbia/Belgiumme (perhaps Norwayeirik will be involved too, rumors going that he has demos)

-We'll give u quality frags vs top teams (smg & rifle)
- everything organized
- Demos are rdy to be uploaded and could be delivered in 1 day

We expect from you
- motivation to finish the project in a normal period
- good enough quality & some kind of editing and syncing to make it entertaining
- would prefer somebody with experience or we'll send you a demo to prove yourself on a short clip

contact ?
- pm me here

Maybe ask Poland cymky , he made mine too , if u watched&liked them just pm him #after-midknights.

GL Would be cool to see a movie of you guys
nice gl guys :)
this would be one of those few fragmovies what I'd like to see
you like to see my movie to :$?
Aleks gay :P
Quotequality frags



Have a nice xmas ;)
no comment it would be too obvious
/q hell , he made my wow movie aswell
WoW movie? :o
arena or what?
nah, fishing
ahh what about cooking?
/q dTEC7
Wakizashi Frags sparking life back into ET :)
/q Element
I hope NorwayEirik has a some nice fops actions :{D
Multikill at cic7!! :D
Griim pro
it's like that pred ?
The guy that feature the most in ET videos for the last 3 years wants his revenge, his name is Lazio...
lazio pro, dave gay
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