little clip ESL 2on2

Just a little lol clip made by spaki from ESL 2on2 war. Starring prasko

That was completely pointless.
what a nice topic edit :>.
no offence, but tbh most of your admin actions are pointless as well
You offended him tbh :{D
renaming almost every journal/topic title is pointless aswell
Wtf is the point? He didn't go through the door, he didn't let cap the flag?
I wouldn't record all action because she'll took about 6mins, so thats pointless... He opened those doors, and we sneek inside. And finally we made objective, but during that whole situation we couldn't stop laughting.
can't watch the video
double click it
Fail at not blowing the body who's boxers u stole. Fail at flag, and u had uni, why not just going in instead of rushing to flag? :o
We fullhold them @ flag so we wanted to have some fun.
cheaters fest up here
worst fucking clip ive seen for while
useful and thx for speeding up the non interesting parts (=whole movie).
ok so what good was that? you could aswell just rush in and pwn both? = flag in 20seconds :D?
for the lulz
anyways, we got the flag 20 secs before their spawn, and i spawned back to get another suit, so we still had time to get through
wasted 3 minutes of my life
waste of time.
if u would play normal you would end the map in 3minutes.
didn't watch
My padawan has learned something :D
oke, you suck.
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