destiny needs a moviemaker

Hello Anonymous Crossfire!

Finland reltu isn't going to finish my movie so therefore, I am now searching for a new moviemaker to finally break the chain of bad luck I've had with moviemakers and complete the movie once and for all!

Israel j1nxZc
Netherlands Testi
United Kingdom beggin
Finland moff
Israel drj3w
Finland reltu

Most of my demos are sorted and uploaded already, I've also cut the demos using the #ultraviolet MediaManager tool so it will be easy to watch and faster to download, you can get to work even today if you'd like to.

I can ensure you lots of headshots, not random backraping or 2body shots each kill etc.. (frags only versus the top teams including, TLR, H2k, vae, Impact, snbatallion and more..) some panzer shots and much much more!

For more information regarding the movie contact me here or at #accurate if I'm on.

Thanks, Israel destiny. ;)

hahaha shut up jew, you don't deserve a movie! :D <3
you so desperate
Use cheats, that's your specialty!
Good luck destiny... too bad reltu can't make it forward... his clips are kinda amazing :)
who will be the 7th :P
Seven is lucky number! GL in finding. :)
You use the same Nightwish-song twice :P
care, its old.. anyway I need a BF2 key! :<
I need money
I bought a key 3 weeks ago but now it seems to be in-valid.. ;\ tried to fix it but there are no solutions.. :\
tried analsex'''''+`?
Good luck destiny my e-sport idol (next to numeric), just tell me when you're in need of something * [-100-] give* ..<3
those clips of reltu are sick :D
I can make it :)
reltu or gtfo :(((((((((((((
u suck tbh
bibuy D;
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