need bored moviemaker (ET)

Still haven't found a moviemaker, that finished the movie.

Would be nice if you made something before.
You can ask as many frags as you want.
You can ask what kind of frags you want.
All frags are against ocpremier/ecclans etc
I cut the demos already, but you can have the full also if you want to with times.
frags from 2006 > 2010
Sorry I can't give you anything in return :( maybe some free ET lessons! or QL like stermy!

/q ovr-joshua / ovr-joshuaoff or send a pm here pls
already has someone else
Good luck, pick him fast he has insane frags!
The time you have spent on writing posts searching for a moviemaker probably would equal with the time of making your own movie.
Dont waste your wonderful frags on making movie by your own!
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