Sexy Brothers recruiting

Hi, we are Czech clan, need new player to II.Division :)
We need:
Age 15+
Skill med- or higher
The functional TS3 and microphone
Speak English or Czech
Pref Czech or Europe People
Slac users(No cheaters, no ex-cheaters)
No whiners, tard, egoquiters
Playing as Fop, Medic, Rifle.

We wanna play ESL, CB or other league in format 5on5 or 3on3.
Search at least 4 players . :)
Contact: irc: #Brotheers, #czet /q JaMmAl
xfire: enemyjump or pm me on crossfire :)
Flame On!
Hi, we are spartans.
So, ur alone in your team?
they are looking for 4 players, probably 3 for backup
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