W:ET 125 fps


3 years ago, i bought my computer.

Intel core 2 CPU
6600 @ 2040GHz
2.40GHz, 2.43GO RAM
nVidia 8800GTX

Why, i got some fps drops on Grush and radar?
some mates bought and similar one, with a worser Graphic card, and they got it easylie!

Today i gonna install a 2nd 8800gtx to get more fps...

Isn t it normal, that i need 2 of this "great" GC for W:ET?
had this for years , just set et on the other cpu and it will be fine
8800gtx wont help shit
e: because ET's performance relies more on the CPU than the GPU.
Driver problem.

My computer also occured similar problems and re-installed new drivers helped me to fix the lag. (Especially in grush -.-)
give it to me and buy a new one :)
Hijack_this :: remove unwanted cräp
2,5GB ram

250fps easy @ 1024x768
(Format,) ccleaner, defrag, update your drivers, Set et to One Core in the Task Manager, Look for viruses or any other program that could Be eating up your Performance.
When u got drops? When tank destroy bank? If yes I thnik 90% ppl got the same, but if in other places too, just clean ur hdd from spyware/adware/trojans etc and run Et with 2nd core
Get new drivers
wat, 6600 @ 2040GHz? amazing stats m8.
pzntium4 3,00ghz
500 ram

76 fps :)
1. run on 1 core
2. stop gpu thread enhancement
what does the 2nd do?
its in the nvidia driver settings, i had to disable it on my computer because i kept getting 25fps alot of the time

i'll post a screenshot when i log in to windows
Do you mean threaded optimisation?
yeh thats the one i couldn't remember the name 100%
I turned that off a while back but it never improved my fps much about 5 fps increase in general lol. My comp ain't too bad but I can never geta stable 125fps so I have it capped at 76fps but still drops to 50-40 on goldrush radar and oasis. Never found a fix for it :(
tHANK you Ethr! i'll try
A question, how can i make it run on 1 core?
task manager (ctrl alt delete), right click at ET
set affinity
one core

but i dont understand why the hell one core is better than run on both?
Problem I find with that is it always sets back to core0 after each map where as I want to use core03 so had to change it every map and I think ET will only use 1 core at a time or something.. If the core ET decides to use has loads of stuff using it then it would make you lag more not sure but that's my guess lol
That 2042000000000Hz processor should run anything pretty well.
use Uniblue RegistryBooster and you have more Fps
try opening it's case and remove all the dust.
true story :P
125 fps?
not possible
just dont play with slac
125 fps without a graphic card :)
So I guess installing a second graphic card won't boost your fps. It's more likely that you need a better cpu.
Bad tower for my comp. -> hard to cool the system
bad cooling system.

The sticker on my GC had changed his colors and it where deformed...

Be careful for all details if you buy a new computerl
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