Venom Vol.2

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Hi Crossfire,
after Germany Tim left our Team. We are again in need of a Germany 5th player!

We expect from you:
» stable med skill.
» No whiner, good on comms instead
» able to speak and understand Germany GERMAN!
» age should be 18+
» Class: We prefer Germany medic or Germany rifle!

We can offer you:
» stable Lineup
» serious business
» nice guys
» 2 Server
» Ts3
» Playing: CB Ladder, next CB OC and more

Germany Virus (c)
Germany psiquh
Germany Andy
Germany desti
Germany TBA

Germany Ghana

TRYOUTS today and Tomorrow!!!!

If u are interrested feel free to pmme here or at #venom.ET (andY).
thx for flame.
gl Desti
gl Virus
gl andy and virus :-*
gl u guys :)
gl jungs
gl neger
sascha! cu next lan! :d
Fahnemann LOL
gl sascha <3
gl psiquh !!!!
sry but new rifle talent Germanybalu got a team alrdy
well, didnt played ET for quite some time, otherwise i would be your man :x
gl euch :)
Andy wonderful rifle.
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