Laptop people

Hey guys,

I've been gaming on my laptop for 1 year now, without any technical issues.
But nowadays, my laptop keeps getting overheated so fast, each time I start playing, and makes the game unstable.

I have been error searching, and done some measures like; disengaging the battery, formatting my disk, killing viruses. But nothing can fix it.

So my question is, if there are any laptop-gamers who have solved this problem?
Is it something I can do? Any softwares to download? Or do I have to buy a desktop computer?

Thank you in advance.
Hi renz, I'm renx

probably get the dust out of the laptop
Hehe, hi Renx! Nice to meet you.
Ty for answering,

Your dear friend, Renz
have it cleaned, had same problem, dust and dirt blocked cooling unit, worked after clean. profit
Agreed... compressed air does the job :).
Oh gosh, haven't thought about it! Thank you for answering.
open and clean laptop
hf building it together afterwards :>
Not difficult...
renz :P:P:P:P
open case in place where you got fan and clear it there from the dust, not difficult
i had this also, so i putted some: image: 17051
beneath it and since then it worked fine. =D
Something to keep it higher than the desk, so it can breathe.
aint laptops supposed to b on lap?
Laptops are just shit, trust me.

Something like image: laptop_fan_01 could help a bit.
But I just had my school scores today, so my mom just told me she's gonna pay me a new desktop wednesday so fuck laptops

buy new one
your laptop is just dusty clean it !
i had the exact same problem, it even got so bad that my vent is right next to where my internet goes in and the cable overheated and internet lagged, true story.

i opened it, cleaned it, got a bit better but the more time has passed since purchase, the more it overheats so now i just got a decent table PC and im rolling with that one :p
i've played with laptop only for about 2 years. i can see your point and sometimes my laptop does the same and i got less than 50fps even on supply, but only thing helped so far is /com_hunkmegs 256 and reboot ET so many times that i get stable fps. also you could try cvar restart to clear useless commands from your etconfig and close some programs while u play.. oh and open ET/slac as admin.

if u are absolutely sure that your laptop is just too crappy you could try some freeware cleaning programs like ccleaner and Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware(was chosen as best freeware malware cleaner..)

or just format..
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