2 germans avi

after teamKR went to inactivity we decided to search a new team

about us:

-Nicks: polo & sAAANTA
-age: 19&20(mature)
-classes: both medic/2nd eng/ fops
-country: obviously german
-slac users
-active around 3 times/week

were searching:

-active&stable team
-no (ex-)cheaters
-"serious" but fun
-german or english speaking team
-skill around mid

edit: contact me here
gl santa
gl. who was just the amazing rifle?
gl 2 very skilled players!!! get them! super sexy!
join acid
join ajax
gl polo & santa <3
e. polo war 4 wochen auf Wacken alles vorbereiten!!!
endlich gibst du es zu ! :D
das du 4 wochen aufbauen warst kla weiß ich doch :D
gl mates, nice players !!!
gl my overskilled polo ^^

maybe after winter league we could use one/two!
-no (ex-)cheaters
gl ihr beiden <333333
gl polo
gl chapa
gl jungs :)

e.get a german team
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