Halidith avi

Searching a new team since Sharp Instinct #sgp went stuck in holidays.

- Speaking Netherlands/United Kingdom
- Arround med skill, never realy played higher then med, played some med+ wars.
- No whining, good comments keeping u up to date every second.
- Preffer ts3 but can live with vent if i have to
- Mature, but in for a joke
- Class: Medic or second eng, i can do some fops to
- Active everyday arround 19:00 CET some days earlier
- Slac only

- Speaking proper english, dutch is altijd goed
- Active
- Existing team or only in need of one player
- 3o3/5o5 dont care
- ESL/CB/Cups

Can contact me via xfire halidith, or via IRC #myrev.et Halidith
roepuit to my homie dsti rigo hcke implux and some more
GL Hali m8
Goodluck !
gl homeboy
goodluck mate!

deserve a nice team <3
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