demonology cod4 rec.

Hey guys,
After we switched to et 6-7 months ago, Demonology gaming are back in business in cod4. We are looking for a few people to play cod4 matches, cups and ladders with. New players are also welcome, as long as you know the game rules :)

- speak Poland, don't need to be perfect, since Denmarksteelers polish is terrible
- around low+ would be nice
- be cool and don't take the game too serious
- don't whine too much, but whining on the oppo is allowed
- be clean
- be active, we're playing around 3/4 times a week
- up for a laugh

- all polish
- around low+
- having a lot of fun
- active
- have TS3 channel, still need a gameserver

PolandmAksi backup, since he's 999 all the time
and our cheerleader PolandGucio(will be playing for the black ops team)

If you want to join us, contact me on xfire(mact3p). You can also send me a pm here. When black ops promod/cmmod will be finished, we will also start playing it, so would be a big + if you have/going to buy black ops. If we find a stable fifth, we will be trying to get a server sponsor in both games.

Have a nice weekend guys :)
demo locks op in pvp
i'd be avi if you can teach me polish ;D
QuotePolish , clean , low+

i lold :D

but if your team want a pcw / cbmatch .. pm me :)
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