Demo Help pls

hey i have a problem
i cant watch my demos i record every single time and on the top is
DEMO recording blabla 1212k
but if i take a look in my demo folder on my computer there is nothing and if i try to watch a demo ingame u know Replay Etpro i see a very nice and long list but i can only watch 5 secs and then bäm it stops
and sometimes is there a error :
CL_Read DemoMessage: demoMsglen > MAX_MSGLEN
so i would appreciate your help if anyone knows how to solve my problem explain it to me pls

regards Lo0$eR

image: 75457989
poor kitten :(
nice gif xDDDDDDDDD
thx but it seems that noone can help me with my problem ;(
i bet someone will help you :)
i hope so it sucks that i cant review my awesome fails;p
äh... vista:

benutername--> appdata--> loca --> virtualstore--> programmfiles--> W:ET-->etpro-->demos
windows 7:
programme->enemy territory->etpro->demos-> leer
or what do u mean mr moppel? help me pls:O
like i said, you gave your pc a name, at least i did, so i can choose now the folder where my personal datas are, i have to choose "sebastian" cause i called the folder sebastian

killerbunnysl und schreib mich an, denke so gehts besser
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