Web images to get expiry date.

Ha, will this work? AND this is going to cause a lot of problems...

Or if we find an embarrassing picture of someone, just print screen?:).

Great idea, nevertheless.

Oh great, more DRM. Just what we need.

And no, it's not a great idea. It's a fucking shit idea. Pictures tagged with that crap will only be viewable with their proprietary software that you apparently have to pay for, too. Only someone with their head up their arse regarding technology would think of that as a good idea.
Good for people with little knowledge of data removal and such.
I doubt it. This is the nowadays so common phenomenon of simply taking the extremely wrong approach to a problem. If it was ever popularized, it would simply needlessly complicate things - I guess there would be a "reader app", naturally full of bloat as applications like this generally are, and a "creator app", much like with Adobe Reader and PDF, and they would imply that everyone installs their piece of shit proprietary reader app to be able to view photos encrypted with this crap by idiots.

Now obviously the problem here is that the reader would be proprietary so free operating systems would have enormous troubles running it, it wouldn't work properly as I doubt they have done nothing more than encrypted the pictures with some encryption and then placed a check in the "reader app" that won't decrypt the images if CURRENT_DATE > EXPIRY_DATE, which obviously will be extremely trivial to circumvent, as you can just fake the program to think that CURRENT_DATE < EXPIRY_DATE, because the program is still running on your computer and you can freely modify just about anything running on your computer.

And in the end the problem is with stupid people. If people actually used their fucking brain before uploading nekkid pictures of themselves online, no software like this would ever be needed. So instead of wasting resources developing crap like this, resources should be spent to inform the general public of "netiquette".
the idea of having encrypted pictures isnt so bad though

for example on facebook: somehow encrypt a user's images with a key that only her/her friends have to view that image (on the byte level) but that would be horrid for facebook to implement
Yeah, but that would require nothing more than PGP public-private key encryption. Of course Facebook doesn't support it out-of-the-box, but anyways.
this will technically NOT work.
some internet-geeks already released a 8sided paper about working around ANY of their proposed technologies.
German researchers have created software called X-Pire - How original.

And yeah, the print screen button will come in handy idd :P
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