Looking for development/staff


I've been working on a project, a private server for the game "Silkroad Online" that is under beta, we've been running since early 2010 and the community is growing bigger and more players are coming in and I'm looking for developers and staff that could help me out on certain parts.

I'm currently in need for a web designer and a coder to help me out with the website that has skills, but also active and trust worthy in-game staff.

If your interested in more, contact me here on CF by sending a pm and if you think you could help out in other ways, feel free to contact me.

sounds fun
Didn't you told me few months ago that you will write to me when you will have enough money to pay me for a design?


Yep, it's you.
lol silkroad
gl awir m8 :)
lycka till :)
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