MacBook problem

got a problem with my macbook. when i'm in osx, i'm not able to use the right arrow key. however, when i'm in windows, it does work.

any suggestions?
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dont use osx easy
1) Remove key
a) light up keyboard
b) slightly pull up the key from one side
b) Use needle to push on two plastic pins that are inserted into metal staples
c) Shift the key to the side opposite to these pins. It will be detached completely;

2) Glue some round plate to the center of back side of the key, thickness is about 0.3 mm. I used several layers of scotch tape to achieve desired thickness.

3) Insert the key back to keyboard. You will need deftness and patience. :)

I've fixed two keys this ways, they work fine so far
strange thing is that it does work on windows...
macbook<- found the problem
isch en übersetzig vom original au no es original odr nüm? nüm odr =/
your problem is macbook
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