high ping

It's rly weird, on some servers/hosts I have a rly high/higher ping, e.g. 200ms to Unicenter-GB (ycn), but only 110ms on choopa (cf slac) and even 70ms to tagadab (also in uk)..
In my old home, I had low ping everywhere, except for some hours/day on choopa-servers..
Can someone explain why this is and can I fix it somehow? :s

e: Somehow, ~2h later pings on all of these servers are 70-80 :S
Apparently it is again only for couple of hours a day..Still need help tho' :<
you're just poor, go clean toilets plz
Routing problems...
Such is the nature of Internet.
choopa chups ?

I think thats the key, got the same problem just on YCN server, I think they are just shitty ^^
Shit internet is shit
open in Windows the cmd prompt

type in: tracert <server IP>

then u see where is ur routing problem (highest ping)
cmd opens, types some lines and closes before I can see :o
ok, then u understood me wrong. You have to type it in the Dosbox then it stays open. If i get you right then just type in: cmd

and then in the popping up Dosbox the command
Hokay, will do next time!
It's your neighbor stealing your internet for pr0nz ~,~
I play with 250 also 280, so
routing probs everywhere
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