ET freezing once in 30mins

Hello, I got this problem of ET freezing suddenly after I have played something like 30 mins. It says ET.exe has stopped working. I have updated drivers, directx and something else. I have checked virus, but got non. I have tried reinstalling ET also. Anyone know what to do?
warmup until it freezes. then start the game, play one map (30 min passed), wait until it freezes, ready up, start the one map etc etc
pm Estonia frEeze
I see what you did there.
restart et every map
harsh but working
Ye, that's what I need to do to avoid freezing during match :S
turn off pb, your problem has been solved
This happens if I have slac on also :S
i had something like that about a month ago after i formatted, it was only on pb servers(cybergames), but now it's gone. dunno what i did :D GL
directX shouldnt be needed to update since ET uses OpenGL
try these programs: HijackThis, CCleaner, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, Spybot - Search & Destroy
oh thats bad.
Check system temperature?
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