need a clan :o)

Hoi, my name is Hybrid and I'm from Poland Proland.

I used to play as a rifle for about two years now, and I'm looking for a decent clan to join. I classify myself as mid+. I'm not a sort of clanhopper, and I'm rather not whining at all.

What I expect from a team? Definately maturity, experience, stable roster and putting teamplay over frags. I'm definately a teamplayer, just need to improve my comms (I don't mean a russian stress or something, I just need to speak more :>) and it will be alright. I'm a decent english speaker, so that won't be a problem.

A bunch of facts about me:

Country: Poland
Age: 16
Class: Rifle
Skill: Mid+
Availablity: All week (sometimes I go out on weekends, but don't count me as a real life hustla)
Ex clan: Europe venue. (Me, Worm, Quiki, Kholic, taLa, Xemi, EmeRica, Alvo; I was the clanleader)

I will consider only the "real" proposes that match my requirements. Feel free to send me a message here on Crossfire, or just pm Hybrid^|owned at


P.S.: I'm also pro at newswriting (polish and english), so If you also need a newswriter for your clansite, I may be the person that you are looking for.
wtf a polak with english knowledge :o

n1 post, gl
I don't really understand the point of your laugh. You don't even know me and never spoke to me even on IRC.

Remember kids, the age is not equal to maturity.
venue dead?
Nope, they are doing fine :) I'm the only one that left their roster.
no comments.
mid+ player good luck
gl , your my first polish teacher <3
gl my polish friend ^^, we had a nice time with you .. I wish you the best of luck in ur new clan
He got some potentional :) take him !
ammagad a zej je boli?
ja ta mi je usec!
gl hy6rid, good riffle and nice guy :)
poltard nub! <3
Age: 15 ( 7 October 1991 )

learn how to count nub :<

gl anyways
u my love the most clever boi in the world <3
"Proland" made me laugh irl
pocitnce loler
a mi plz ne replayjan !
gL meighT. ;O)
#radius pmme there
Miss you miss you.. lalala miss you miss you :'(.

Loekino why the fuck you answer on every fucking post there is in this damm website?
totally agree
gl ziom :*
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