About a week ago (also motivated by some journal) I felt my last released map Coast_b1 had the potential to actually be a good competition map with the right major changes.

I have read and fixed all bugs/flaws that were reported in the release & reedback thread. This is ONLY about gameplay changes.

Thus far I've come up with a few general layout changes for stage1 & 2(tank drive), 3 is only in my mind yet, but feel free to comment.

A real "sideway" leading to the house at market plaza and to remove the ridicilous gate. The whole tunnel of stage1 was removed btw.

Blocking quite some of the many windows both teams can currently camp at/shoot through (Axis Spawn, Allies middle house at attack, Side house)

The "bunker" of the maingate needs major surgery as its pointless to get up there and be camped / spammed to death. A new way up to that bunker and an additional small bunkerroom including a supply-like window to shoot through could be in place.

The following go together somehow. Try to see the "bigger picture".

In order to implement a real backway to the first stage the gate the tank runs down once stolen was removed (not as in the picture followin here). On top of that there could be a new cave connecting allies spawn with the tankroute and an upper way along the tankroute, which was a plain corridor until now.
image: image:

Mostly depending on what is written here I'll either invest the time to finish this or not as it was recently brought to my attention that the map is supposed to be soulless and suck overall :)
Worth a try. Try to organize showmatches with somewhat knows teams.
showmatches are only for publicity and advertising purposes. There is no real point in them unless the map is ready for league play
Well, it should be tried out, shouldn't it be?
sure, but not by two teams who only want to be shown on ETTV with alot viewers and never really pracced the map. Since that is what showmates are like :) Once there is a beta2 close state testteams will get their chance, but mostly in private
Well okay.. I fully support you tho, good luck. :)
teamoxid/survive :P
Sounds like something for #et.gather.
We will discuss about it. :-)
shut up idi jood
Good luck with it.
sounds good gl
mad eim is mad
your paint skill is good
hope it works out , looks cool
Is this map made for 5on5 or both 5on5 and 3on3 formats?
I suppose its too big for 3on3 in the last stage
That's what I thought ;(
Sounds cool
FFS , ET needs a bigger/better mappool ... since 2k7 only the same maps , maybe 1-2 saison 1 older/newer map..

SW_oasis , missle was good , dubrovnik , erdenberg ,reactor , sos_secretweapon etc.... Why nobody force them to play..

Same with karsiah , a lot of ppl hate it but needs to play ...

Also older map like sw_fueldump , why the fuck not!?
+1 erden & reactor

ah fueldump i mean , right thx^^
np =) sw_railgun would be a piece of shit map :p
there is a sw_fueldump version..
the mapscript for karsiah need to an upadte if they want to close the south documents then it should be closed from the beginning not when the allies destroyed the main door....
yea we tried that, yet etpro lua is too shitty to allow it
true, its a never ending storry with the mappools.
no matter if its competition or public server ... the players are shouting for new maps but if u put a new map in the mappool u can hear again "ihhh custom map".

btw. the most forget that Adler or Supply are custom maps too ...

in example i duno why missile isnt played anymore - is a great map!

so keep going on with ur map - i see u rly think about what is needed for tactical gameplay - bring out the next beta and make it step ba step better. So supply had also a few beta's.
tbh the last stage of missile sucks for comp play :< its a great public map though and is played on quite some servers^^
so i dont get why there is no TE version of it out if the basis is allready given.
there is no TE version as the initial map was designed to fit Tournament Edition already. Yet it was 6on6 and I simply see greater potential in Coast than in Missle tbh
i didnt meant especialy this map. missile was just an example - the ET community has a lot of great maps depending on the taste (some even allready forgotten like Bergen, Das Boot, and a shitt load of others ) ... there could exist much more TE versions for the competitions imo.

The question is only who has the skills to change them - to much for one person.
omg BERGEN was awesome!!!
yes, i like it also! This map has all what is needed!
dubrovnik, fuel, oasis and scatman <3
sometimes i wish 2k5 times back as the maps like battery , oasis and also fueldump were played :-((

But our shit community dont get .. every shit war .. supply , gold , radar ... supply , gold ... gold , OH ADLER ... supply , gold ... supply , gold ... KARSIAH WTF :D:D:d .. Suppy... srsly...

Thats why leagues , cups and tournaments needs a new system .. like a bit in RTCW 2 forced maps by organization and every team can choose 1 map ... srsly every ET player dont play only 1h per night/pracc.. and the matches are played so fast nowadays so why not?! if u play 1 match 30 or 60 mins ..
QuoteWhy nobody force them to play..

because none of those maps is actually good
years ago the maps wasnt perferct too , they made it perfect because we played it often to give feedback what could be better ... that happend to goldrush and SD2
god even my topics get Fropped
frop gets worser and worser towards the community :(
Any server to watch/play it?
Element Headshot?!?

but its coast_b1...oh woner xD
Just finished it and play matches on the map, get guys interested in it and play !!!

We need some new maps to hold ET alive!!! btw also low teams to see how they act on the map-_-
awesome map :D

wud like to paly it alot :-)
nice :P
Make new map.
already underconstruction ;)
there was this "bug" where you could boost someone over the beach hill right to the last stage of the map right at the beginning.

did this get fixed?
as explained in the text you should read that will be fixed yes :)
Great job man, really!
well, just do the changes & upload it on a server, where we can test it. i liked coast_b1 pretty much, but it was a dead end project
Nice idea! And good luck! Seems a cool map! never played it tho :<
played beta 1 on some public, its one of the best maps imo :)
i wanna try if some tricks are still working.. IP! =<
I know what u mean:P
nice map and good ideas + Avoc skybox :P
I played coast_b1 on the element headshot server and imo its the best map that has been made for some time now.. I very appreciate the fixes you want to make and they seems to be useful :) The only thing I'd change are the million windows in first stage, just close some of them..
QuoteBlocking quite some of the many windows both teams can currently camp at/shoot through (Axis Spawn, Allies middle house at attack, Side house)
sounds familiar? ;p
cant help, never played b1
windows/balcony seemed overpowered in 2on2 1st stage defense, didnt play too much though :l
we need sw_bremen_te and sw_braundorf_te ;p
already did bremen_b3, its played and does well, the map has its pros and cons and you wont make it all pros by changing small parts (what a sw_ _te version would be about), else you could do a whole new thing :)
Awesome :) Keep us updated on your progress!
keep up the good work man!
what happened to this one ? :( coast_b1's last stage looks awesome, somehow reminds me of radar
well its final but not played :)
as usual :[ the future of coast_final
command map.jpg
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