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this is my project in cs4 , do u like it ? :)

image: 84771162

i can show more my project but in different time?
Not bad,

image: 250ilub

I win :> (my work)
Completely other work, the thing lauratries is more difficult than 'just' make 5 letters appear nice.
Good job nevertheless.
make just "5" letters? for the record that isn't a font, I written that, the background is all done by me, even the stars (3px brush) and more work into that,

what Laura tries here is just rendered images with C4D, I don't really see so much effects but some couple of images put beside each other or together, No offense, work looks brilliant, but my image took more time than you think.

as such:

image: 2qiwdqu
Firstly I clearly wrote make the letters appear nice which includes background and stuff. But for that you have clearly a wider range of possibilities to achieve that.

You did a good decision and the final result looks good, why I've also written good work (but your ego is still hurt :))

I just do not like people who judge about their own pics which additionally are not semblable in any aspect to the other one.
Quote by RavenI win :> (my work)
QuoteNot bad,

No ego there :p,
You still praised your own picture, which I personally do not like =)

Anyway, keep your good art going, I'm lately too lazy :(
we have different styles
raven make me one:O Ur so talented , with text vAtu. Cheers:x
pretty creative background :)
not exacly
image: 84438579
This one is way more original and pleasing to eye than the one you posted to topic.

My tip is this: 2010 is over with the flashy graphics and designs that means nothing. Think of the concept first before you start to do anything. You clearly got some talent in using software's, but at the moment you don't deliver any messages with your works and it is clearly visible that there isn't much of an idea behind them.

How long have you been using photoshop / any other program that you are using to create those?
total score 2-3 months
Not bad then, still consider what I said.

Two of my newest ones, not saying that these are original either, but at least there was a concept behind them and wanted to convey some messages through them. Wanted to practise the usage of my own stocks.
To be born
The first step

e: took off the stupid itallic
nice nice nice ^^ !

but is not in my style ;<
lol suddenly i think im a total newb with photoshop
It's already not looking bad

The things that disturb me is the hair (color and sharpness doesen't fit perfectly to the rest imo) and the font. This glow is too normal, maybe try to use other special effects. Include it in the clouds and just let some parts of the letters appear for example.
One Shot One Kill Not Luck Just Skill :)
sooo simple and easy
now show me the orginal and i can see how much work it was ;)
okay after looking closer on your pics i can say that it looks better than it actually is. dont get me wrong :P im a photoshopper too and i can see that you have worked with shades, brushes and some PRO-stuff. take it as a compliment ;) because at first i thought that i couldnt do that ;D

bzw nice "thingies" at the leg... looks realistic
n1 but font doesn't fit, sorry.

@edit: If I'd put some effort on my works I'll publicity it, but I got a lot on my mind:)
It might be nice, but what the hell do you need crap like that for?
very nice! :) You might want to work on text though, it looks too basic.

e: awesome pictures on your blog too!
image: 81312010
this is one of my 1st works
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