Sennheiser PC 360 G4ME headset

Hi Anonymous,

as I'm in need to go pro to be in next NC line-up, I thought I could buy a new headset.

I actually got the Steelseries 7H, but I got bored by it already and I wondered if the SENNHEISER PC 360 G4ME headset was worth it's money.

The €200 it costs is not a problem.

Share your experience and your thoughts! :-)

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Is it possible to pay via "geld storten"?
Just go trough the list of shops and find out which one has a webshop and see for yourself what kind of payments they accept.
In most cases you will need a credit card, since you are only 17, you'll probably have to borrow the card from your parents!
Allright, will check that when I'm at home.

Thanks man :-)
i would go for real headphones (AKG or Beyerdynamic) you get much more sound quality and can use them "out of the game" for listening to music which is going to be so much more fun than with "normal" headphones. and for the mic, just buy some cheap 6euro mic you can put on your table.
Well it should be only for gaming as I got boxes already for music.
if you want to buy a "gaming" headset (which are normal headphones with a mic put on them and then sold for a horribly high price) then i wouldn't go for such a high priced one since i dont really see the advantages you would get out of them (its not like delay or anything will get smaller or you can hear things better or more differential) in comparison to normal headphones apart from the mic.
Any link to these AKG or Beyerdynamic you mentioned?
I bought Beyer Dynamic DT550 at a local store and they are simply AMAZING.
i got the PC350 and its worth his money !!
i got 350 big and heavy headset like 360 after few hours head may explode.
smth wrong ?
is it too heavy for u or what?
ofc the 200euro arent a problem for u, ure black, u'll steal it
Exactly. :-)
QuoteI actually got the Steelseries 7H, but I got bored by it already

whats there to get bored by a headset?
Should be fine, me and my brother are using the 330 g4me and it's a good headset!
that picture of you looks fake
Who said it's me?
I said, problem ?
Buy Headphones?
200e for a headset

image: 255
Money enough.
m8, my parents get quite a lot of money but still I don't pose with it, but what you do is a lil bit egoish compaired to the members of the community that ain't that lucky
What is so fucking egoist about buying the headset I can? xD
well, quite a lot of people here can hardly spend just a little money for gaming
Why would I give a fuck?
ye youre just poor :) every 5 mins 999 :DD just try to get money with movie making.. oh wait :D!
MY point was that 200e is too much for a headset :) and why oh wait? :)
u mad bcz u serious?!?!:D:D:D:D
No Im not mad at all, Im happy atm, what about you? :) oh and yea, Im serious, arent you as well? :o
im happy and serious
Just get anything Sennheiser, they are all sick headphones / headsets. Just decide whether you want to play with closed or open ear cups and you are sorted! :O)
looks nijs
waste of money
at first: getting 200e gaming headset because of ET is like getting full HD plasma with awesome color interpretation for black&white films...
at second: if u r rly about to buy Sennheiser PC360 for 200e, prepare to get robbed
at third: if u dont want to just waste ur money (I am actually not sure, u look kinda spoilt), in this price range its better to get headphones with 10x better sound performance and buy some random 5e mic
I got SteelSeries Siberia V2 and IT AUWNE !!!
get hd555 instead
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